SSE Enterprise Telecoms has won a tender to deliver fibre broadband to the new Countesswells development in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, which will include 3,000 homes as well as businesses.

Stewart Milne Group, the developer of Countesswells, named gigabit fibre connectivity as a necessity in the project. Although it is in a region benefiting from the new 1Gbps fibre broadband trials, the development is not related to it; fibre broadband specialist Grain, which awarded the tender to SSE, says that the deployment predates the Government initiative, due to the fact that SSE and Grain anticipated the UK’s connectivity needs.

The project is privately funded – it is not part of the £400 million Digital Infrastructure Investment Fund, launched this July.

Grain chose SSE to deliver connectivity largely due to its existing 13,700km national fibre network. The firm has been investing in its network continually, and recently announced the third phase of its network expansion programme: Project Edge. This will increase the number of exchanges served by the network to 140, and 300,000 business postcodes.

Mike Magee, director of service solutions at SSE, said, “As the development progresses over the next 15 years, the fibre network will be available for all new residents as they move into their homes, ensuring they benefit from hyper-fast broadband and a crystal-clear fibre connection from day one. We’re glad to be able to use our expertise and growing network to work with Grain to offer cutting-edge connectivity.”

The major infrastructure for Countesswells is in place now, and residents are beginning to move in. “From the day they move in, residents will have a guaranteed high-speed connection,” said project director Allan McGregor.