The transition of a global recruitment company to a digital business is discussed in Colt’s new whitepaper: ‘Transforming through innovation’. Advantages of moving to digital include real-time collaborative working and the ability to scale business software as required.

It was in 2009 that the company decided to go digital, linking together its 240 offices across 33 countries. As well as aiding communication, the aim was to establish a flexible, scalable and adaptable platform that focused on the user experience; the firm did not want to concern itself with the infrastructure that the technology ran on.

With this in mind, the company began to replace its entire IT stack. Support for open standards, for software selection and deployment of cloud-based solutions, was key to the move.

The company deployed Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition as its data warehouse, for reporting and analytics. Using Oracle was important as it acted as a central database with which to engage customers.

The company CEO said of the move, “For me, digital leadership has to come from [both] a marketing leverage point and a technology leverage point. I am working with a colleague who brings the marketing experience, but I am ultimately accountable for the whole programme.

“The result is that now we worry more about the user experience than the plumbing. The infrastructure to present the data and interact with our corporate systems is all there.”

Colt’s new whitepaper can be found here.