Please find below links to Network on Demand‘s growing collection of informational whitepapers:

Liquid Infrastructure: Transforming Through Innovation

This paper discusses the road an enterprise must travel to achieve a truly flexible, liquid infrastructure.




A Foundation for Transformative Data Delivery: Driving Data Centre Integration and Federation

This paper looks at how businesses can leverage their data centre configurations to get an edge in a rapidly-changing business landscape.




The On Demand Business: Enterprise Connectivity for the Digital Era

The new digital world is within your business’s grasp, but how to get there? The answer could lie in on-demand infrastructure. 




SDN: What We Can Learn From Cloud Computing

Is software-defined networking the next destination for your cloud infrastructure? This paper explains the state of play.





Demand More from your Network: How Flexible Connectivity Enables Digital Evolution

There’s no reason that the on-demand experience can’t apply to your network connectivity, this paper argues.