Please find below links to Network on Demand‘s growing collection of informational whitepapers:

Liquid Infrastructure: Transforming Through Innovation

Change is happening fast, and in a world of overnight innovation flipping business on its head, only the quick may survive. Is liquid infrastructure the key…?




A Foundation for Transformative Data Delivery: Driving Data Centre Integration and Federation

The data centre remains the beating heart of many enterprise infrastructures. This paper explains how to configure yours to grab the edge over your competitors.




The On Demand Business: Enterprise Connectivity for the Digital Era

On-demand connectivity is set to revolutionise the landscape. Learn how scalable and user-configured software-defined networks could change your enterprise’s future. 




SDN: What We Can Learn From Cloud Computing

Software-defined practice underpins much of the success of cloud technology, and software-defined network should be no different. Within this paper lies such transferable wisdom.





Demand More from your Network: How Flexible Connectivity Enables Digital Evolution

Why stick with the status quo when you could be demanding more from your enterprise network carrier? That’s the question this Computing white paper poses and answers, with industry-leading research to explore the use cases and possibilities for software-defined networking.